Key Management Personnel

Only the Executive and Non-Executive Directors are recognised as being key management personnel. It is the Board which has responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the Company. Executive and Non-Executive Directors did not receive any remuneration for their services to the Company.

Directors' interests in ordinary shares of the Company are disclosed in the Directors' Remuneration Report.

There were no material transactions or balances between the Company and its key management personnel or members of their close family. At the end of the period, key management personnel did not owe the Company any amounts.


The Company enters into loans with its subsidiaries. Interest income of £2,000 was earned on these loans at market-related interest rates during the period (2015: £10,000).

Transactions with Subsidiaries52 Weeks Ended
27 November 2016
52 Weeks Ended
29 November 2015
Group share-based payments7.19.8
Increase in loans made to subsidiary undertakings3.637.2
Increase/(Decrease) in amounts due to subsidiary undertakings0.1(0.6)
Year end Balances Arising from Transactions with Subsidiaries27 November 2016
29 November 2015
Loans and receivables due from subsidiaries244.0240.4
Loans and receivables due to subsidiaries0.30.2