All Employees

All Employees

Number of employees as at period end

Male: 9,809

Female: 2,093

Senior Managers

Senior Managers means the Management Committee excluding Executive Directors as at period end

Senior managers diversity chart

Male: 8

Female: 1


Number of Directors as at period end

Male: 9

Female: 2

We Value Our People

We are a business that values our people. We listen to their opinions on customer service, operational efficiency and what it means to be an Ocado employee. We aim to understand our employees as well as we understand our customers and innovate and change together to match the pace of growth in our markets.

We Recruit Talent

Our business is built by employees who innovate, who find solutions, and who deliver world class service. Our recruitment team has been effective in meeting the significant challenge of hiring the new employees needed for our continuous growth.

We opened two spokes in 2016 and moved a third to new premises. Our delivery driver team is the largest in our business. We call them our Customer Service Team Members, and their job title describes how they are essential to the success of Ocado.

With our third CFC in Andover now having commenced operations and our fourth CFC in Erith under construction, we plan to create even more opportunities for existing and new employees in 2017.

In September 2016 we brought in a record 47 university graduates under our seven separate graduate training schemes, covering Logistics Development, Engineering, Finance, General Management, HR, Retail and Operations Management, cementing our place as a significant employer and creator of new graduate jobs.


We value diversity and through our equal opportunities policy we are dedicated to creating an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Everyone at Ocado is treated equally regardless of age, colour, disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, political views or religious belief.

The adjacent charts show a breakdown of the number of people who were on the Board, Senior Managers and employees of the Group at the end of the period by number and gender.

Engaging Our People

This extends beyond keeping colleagues informed of the Company's performance and issues that affect them day to day. These range from redesigning uniforms in conjunction with employee representatives, to relocating our head office to one with a higher quality work environment. We provide access to healthy eating options with an onsite restaurant; and for all our CFC-based employees, there is access to a discounted Company shop.

We've increased our use of technology for internal communications by introducing mobile friendly platforms including a new employee benefits portal – MiBenefits – and increased the development of mobile apps – MiOcado – and other web-based plasma technology.

We also encourage formal two-way communication through our employee surveys and our employee representative body, the Ocado Council, both of which help us identify areas where we can improve as an employer and encourage participation and consultation in the decisions we make. Ocado maintains a voluntary union recognition agreement with USDAW, which is integrated with our Ocado Council, to voice the views of our hourly paid employees.

We Develop Our People

Training and developing employees is a vital part of enabling them to forge their career with Ocado. We place strong emphasis on developing our talent across the business and have further embedded appraisals, 1:2:1s and 360 degree employee feedback as a development tool. Using talent matrix mapping and succession planning we also identify potential successors for every middle and senior management role.

Developing people is exciting, but also a challenge when growing a business as fast as we are. We now have an in-house management training curriculum of more than 300 e-learning modules and over 30 different workshops, team building days, a learning library and provide individual coaching.

MiLearning Platform

At Ocado we recognise the importance of meeting colleagues' learning and development needs in the most flexible way possible.

So, we've developed an online platform that delivers beyond the more traditional classroom-based training.

MiLearning has a wealth of information and learning activities and provides a gateway to:

  • Explore and diagnose learning needs
  • Identify solutions to address learning needs
  • Record learning and development activities
  • Share learning activities with others

Retaining, Recognising and Rewarding Our People

As we invest a significant amount of time and resources in recruiting the right people and developing their skills, retaining our employees is vitally important to the business. This means designing benefits packages that are in tune with what different groups of employees want. This year information about Reward and Benefits were moved to an online portal – MiBenefits – a mobile friendly platform designed especially for every employee so they see only what is relevant and available to them. For the first time, we will be producing a personalised Total Reward Statement for each employee, setting out the full value of their remuneration.

We have a range of traditional benefits and an industry leading 15% employee discount on all shopping at Ocado. We have a commitment to ensuring that all employees share in the Group's success through various equity schemes. Employees are also able to buy Ocado shares with pre-tax income, and we have a Save As You Earn scheme that allows employees to save up to buy Ocado shares at a pre-set price. For the third year running we also gave free shares equivalent to 1% of basic pay to all employees with six months or more service.

We strive to make Ocado an employer of choice and our comprehensive employee benefits package includes pension schemes with employer contribution, and an employee assistance programme for all.

We're in it together

Value each person

Love what we do

We can be even better

Case Study

MiBenefits – an online benefits portal – is accessible on any device for remote and non-desk based employees to see personalised information about Ocado share plans, plus a variety of rewards and discounts on Ocado, Fabled, Fetch and Sizzle, as well as high street shops, gyms, theme parks, and more.

Employees can view their current pension membership, change contribution levels, or join/leave a pension scheme. They can also change their beneficiary and much more. In the future, MiBenefits will provide employees with an opportunity to "flex the benefits they receive, giving our employees further choice.


Strategic Report Approval

The Company's Strategic Report is set out here.

The Strategic Report is approved by the Board and signed on its behalf by

Neill Abrams
Group General Counsel and Company Secretary
Ocado Group plc
31 January 2017