Strategic Highlights

  • Opened our latest customer fulfilment centre (CFC) in Andover, UK, which utilises the first installation of our proprietary equipment solution
  • Extension to our agreement with our first commercial customer, Morrisons, to expand capacity for
  • Developed new IP, with multiple patent applications filed
  • Launched our premium beauty brand, Fabled, in partnership with Marie Claire
  • Ongoing discussions with international retailers to use Ocado Smart Platform

Operational Highlights

  • Believed to be industry leading service levels maintained with 94.9% on time deliveries and 99.0% order accuracy
  • Range at broadened to over 50,000 SKUs
  • Active customers increased to over 580,000
  • Mature CFC efficiency improved by 3.5% to 160 units per hour
  • Delivery performance increased by 6.3% to 176 deliveries per van per week
  • Average order size on declined by 2.7% to £108.10 reflecting industry deflation
  • Low product waste of 0.7%, believed to be most efficient in the food retail sector

Financial Highlights

  • Gross sales (Group) up 15.1% to £1,386.7 million A
  • Gross sales (Retail) up 13.6% to £1,267.4 million A
  • Revenue up 14.8% to £1,271.0 million
  • EBITDA up 3.3% to £84.3 million A
  • Profit before tax up 1.3% to £12.1 million

ASee Alternative Performance Measures